Taxonomy Consulting Services

Taxonomy is a structured, controlled vocabulary which classifies large amounts of information. Within the healthcare industry the use of taxonomies is very prevalent. For example, we use taxonomies to classify:

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatments
  • Labs
  • Prescriptions
  • Clinical documentation
  • Physicians and provider Specialties

While excellent for what these taxonomies were designed for, when we communicate with consumers and patients regarding all of these components that comprise our complex healthcare system, we can’t expect them to know these complex taxonomy systems. We have to present the information they are seeing in a manner that everyone can understand, and make relationships among content topics which help consumers and patients guide their healthcare journey.

We have unparalleled experience with healthcare digital marketing taxonomy and content classification. We developed the first healthcare digital marketing taxonomy classification system over 15 years ago in order to match syndicated health library content to healthcare providers and services. This taxonomy and system for matching is still in place and driving hundreds of hospital websites content relationships. We have spent well over a decade thinking about, organizing and classifying website and digital content for hospital and healthcare systems across the United States.

Purple Wave Group's Taxonomy Consulting Services include...

Taxonomy Review and Revision - we know taxonomies can sometimes get unmanageable. We can review and optimize your current taxonomy based on best-practices and your specific situation.

Taxonomy Audit and Assessments - we can review and assess your current taxonomy and provide feedback and make high-level recommendations for improvements. Taxonomy governance is also included, as we provide the guidelines for maintenance, tagging, technology, etc.

Taxonomy Design and Creation - type, size and scope, breadth and depth, and partial or complete build out of your own taxonomy depending on your goals and objectives. 

Taxonomy Mapping - performing the cross-walk between different taxonomies and/or content types. This is particularly helpful to apply our strong healthcare institutional knowledge and experience.